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"The Best of Lee Oskar" 3 Compact Discs

This 3 Disc CD contains all the titles of volume 1 & 2 with a 3rd CD "The Lee Oskar Harmonica System and Concert" containing :
1. "The Flying Harmonica" Introduction
2. A Soulful Prayer  12:53 (L.Oskar & D.Caraco 1993)
3. Funky to the Blues  12:17 (L.Oskar 1994)
4. Another Time and Place 12:18 (L.Oskar & R.Furusawa 1994)
5. Credits: Musicians
    Lee Oscar, Harmonica
    Larry Klimas, Saxophone
    Derol Caraco, Guitar
    Jeff Daniel, Keyboards
    Dave Karasony, Drums
    Bob Mair, Bass
    Dave Romero, Percussion
Produced by Lee Oskar
DISC 1 for The Best Of Lee Oskar (CD) Album By Lee Oskar (Artist)
1. You and I   5:12   
2. Lavender Song  5:23   
3. Leslie's Song  5:07   
4. A Soulful Prayer  6:42   
5. Stephanie's Lullaby  5:20   
6. Whatta Day  5:18   
7. Another Time & Place  8:03   
8. Before the Rain  7:13   
9. My Road  5:32   
10. So Much in Love      5:15   
11. In the Pocket  5:05   
12. Turn It Around  3:05   
13. Tango in Tokyo & Seoul  1:11

DISC 2 for The Best Of Lee Oskar (CD) Album By Lee Oskar (Artist)
1. Blues Interlude  1:33   
2. Song for Ray  4:53   
3. Straighten Out That Line  3:53   
4. Ocean Blues  8:17   
5. Lee's Blues  4:28   
6. Song for Peace  5:37   
7. Sunset  4:47   
8. La Playa  4:13   
9. Reflections  7:32   
10. High Horse  4:43   
11. Those Sunny Days  5:57   
12. See You Later  3:42

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  Lee Oskar Harmonica player and vocalist Lee Oskar was a charter member of War in the late '60s, when the West Coast group first backed Eric Burdon and later went out on their own. His extended wailing solos became a vital part of War's funk/rock/Latin sound in the '70s and '80s. He made two undistinguished fusion albums as a leader in the '80s and though he remained a part of War, Oskar made his solo debut in 1976 and recorded several albums of solid pop-jazz, R&B, and fusion, among them 1978's fine Before the Rain and 1980's My Road, Our Road. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

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